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Ayako Murase


'I’o Nani Day Spa Owner


Ayako Murase have about 7 years of experience as Esthetician in Japan.

She had a peputation, specially her body massage to reduces the appearance of resistant cellulite in whole body, aiming to size down in one session.

After having experienced in Japan, she aimed to acquire further massage technique such as Lomilomi massage and Hot stone massage, and she crossed Hawaii in 2006.


In 2007, after graduating from the Hawaii state certified massage school, she acquired a Hawaii State certified Massage Therapist license.

In 2008, after graduating from the Hawaii state certified esthetic school, she got a Hawaii State certified Esthetician license.


After that, while working as massage therapist and esthetician in Hawaii, she was fascinated by Lomilomi massage by meeting with Kumu lomilomi Shin-TAO who teaching Auntie Margaret Machado style lomilomi massage in Hawaii.


After completing the Lomilomi massage class (80 hours) in 2009, she completed the Hot stone massage class by Kumu Shin-TAO. In the same year, she completed the Lomilomi facial class, too.


In 2009, She opened 'I'o Nani Day Spa & School in Nagoya JAPAN in order to spread Lomilomi massage and her signature treatment "Lipo Body Contouring & Detox Massage" which is very popular in Hawaii and Japan.


In 2012, she opened 'I'o Nani Day Spa in Waikiki HAWAII.


Currently working as a massage therapist and esthetician in Hawaii, she continues to learn Lomilomi massage with the culture and history of Hawaii every day.

Ultimate Lipo Body Contouring & Detox Massage made from about 18 years of her body massage experience has become popular explosively and she is active as a lomilomi therapist and a slimming massage therapist in Hawaii.


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Phone: 808-294-3209

















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'I'o Nani代表のブログ 『あやこのHawaiiでセラピスト』
'I'o Nani代表のブログ 『あやこのHawaiiでセラピスト』
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